Mont Blanc

Each alpinist has once dreamt of climbing the Mont Blanc. However, even if considered as not very hard, this ascent must be carefuly prepared. You must be really fit and master a few technical skills That is why we offer you different training courses and progressive ascents which will really improve your chances to reach the top of the Mont Blanc.

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  • Mont Blanc Ascent within 3 days
    Alps | Mont Blanc Ascent

    Mont Blanc Ascent within 3 days

    Technical 3/5 | Physical 4/5 | Involvement 3/5 | Max alt. 4810 m
    Reserved for experienced climbers and acclimatized, this stay offers to climb Mont Blanc in three days in the normal way of Goûter. Warning...
    3 days, from €1,225.00
  • Royal Mont Blanc ascent
    Alps | Mont Blanc Ascent

    Royal Mont Blanc ascent

    Technical 2/5 | Physical 4/5 | Involvement 2/5 | Max alt. 4810 m
    Who has never dreamt of reaching the top of Mont Blanc ? This six-day trip will make it come true ! A first three-day training and...
    6 days, from €1,565.00
  • Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt
    Alps | Mont Blanc Tour

    Haute Route Chamonix-Zermatt

    Technical 2/5 | Physical 4/5 | Involvement 3/5 | Max alt. 3710 m
    Chamonix - Zermatt is considered the most beautiful glacier hike in the Alps, connecting two 'superstar towns' : Chamonix and Zermatt....
    7 days, from €1,275.00
  • Integral Mont Blanc Tour
    Alps | Mont Blanc Tour

    Integral Mont Blanc Tour

    Technical 1/5 | Physical 4/5 | Involvement 3/5 | Max alt. 2537 m
    Around the king Mont Blanc. When you arrive there the shock remains whole. We offer you a journey through 3 countries, to show you the most...
    9 days, from €965.00
  • Tour du Mont Blanc
    Alps | Mont Blanc Tour

    Tour du Mont Blanc

    Technical 1/5 | Physical 3/5 | Involvement 2/5 | Max alt. 2665 m
    The tour of the roof of Europe and its 4810 m. Seven valleys, 71 glaciers, 400 peaks: the Mont Blanc massif fascinates. Going around it is...
    7 days, from €755.00
Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc

For 30 years, we have led mountain lovers on the most beautiful peaks in the world.

Our first role is to help you discover the fascinating world of the mountain. Whatever the altitude and the difficulty, our guides and escorts share the fundamental values of Stages Expéditions.
Chosing Stages Expeditions is the guarantee of an experience that goes beyond the simple discovery of altitude. We want to share a true culture of the mountain, with its epic, mythical places, and its memorable heights.


During trips, the link is very strong, the guide connects with his client. Together we move forward, we flourish, always in contact with the mountain, learning in a context of excitement and overtaking . We invite you to discover the mountain from the most beautiful trails.


We advise you to discover the mountain through its most beautiful paths. Our team of guides concocted for you routes, associating luxurious landscapes and an in-depth discovery of the culture and the mountain heritage (holdings). These routes take place in France and on the mountains of the earth.