Three days in Paradise

It is the only peak in Italy above 4000 m: the famous Gran Paradiso, with vast glaciers and accessible slopes, is an emblematic acme but quite approachable. Certainly an ideal destination to cross over the mythical 4000 m for all those who dreams of conquering peaks and high altitudes.From the valley of Valsavarenche, in Italy, we peacefully proceed up to our first refuge Chabod (2750m). Next day will be a demanding day because the ascension to the highness of this National Park - the Grand Paradis, finding itself at 4061 m of altitude. It is a beautiful ice tip with a craggy end that will take us to Virgin’s peak. We will spend the night down to the refuge Vittorio Emanuele II. The last day, calm return in the valley, in Pont, beautiful descent down among the flowers and larches. The third day we will contemplate the Gran Paradiso massif from a pretty and easily reachable  top Tresenta (3609m) before descending towards the valley.


  • Day 1Pravieux (1834m) Valsavarenche, Chabod (2750m) hut

    Meeting point at 10 am in Chamonix. Meeting with guide, introduction with the program, hardware verification (location if needed), and departure for the Valsavarenche Valley, Italy (70km). Arrive at Pravieux (1834m). Ascent to Chabod hut (2750m) using a good path.

    - Elevation gain +: about 916meters
    - Maximal Altitude: 2750 meters
    - Accommodation: Chabod hut
    - Activity hours: 3 - 4 hours

  • Day 2Ascent Grand Paradiso (4061m), Vittorio Emmanuele II hut

    Very early departure for the ascent of Gran Paradiso. This is one of the highest vantage points in the Alps with views on Mont Viso, the Mount Rose, the massif Mont Blanc and many other peaks! Varied glacial slopes with beautiful ice tip with a craggy end that will take us to Virgin’s peak. A photo will immortalize this magical moment! Then peaceful descent to the refuge Vittorio Emanuele.

    - Elevation gain +: about 1350 meters
    - Vertical drop - : about 1350 meters
    - Max Altitude: 4061 meters
    - Accommodations: Vittorio Emanuele II hut
    - Activity hours: 10 - 12 hours

  • Day 3Peak Tresenta (3609m), Vittorio Emmanuele II hut

    Ice climbing on the mild slopes of the glacier Moncorvé, with a view to the contours of peaks of Tresenta (3609m) that stretch before us, a wonderful viewpoint over the Gran Paradiso massif, followed by descent to the Vittorio Emanuele II hut and back to the valley at the end of the afternoon.

    - Elevation gain + : about 877 meters
    - Vertical drop - : about 1650 meters
    - Max Altitude: 3609 meters
    - Accommodations: Vittorio Emanuele II hut
    - Activity hours: 6-7 hours

Important :
This program may be modified by the guide or tour organizer decision, taking in consideration mountain and weather conditions, required physical condition of participants and above all the interest of safety. For the safety reasons, as well to ensure the conduct of the announced program, we need to ensure that all participants have the required level of mental and physical condition demanded by the program. We reserve the right to end your participation if your technical and /or physical form does not match required level. In no case, the interruption cannot result in a reimbursement or payment compensation.

Dates & prices

From To Price per person Guaranteed
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability
€495.00 Ask for availability

Trip reference: AGP3

This price includes:

- Technical organization of your stay
- Supervision by mountain guide
- Accommodation in a hut, in half board
- The picnic - lunch
- Safety and technical equipment necessary for security 

This price does not include:

- Food like cereal bars, dried fruit bars, chocolate, etc ... at your convenience
- Individual technical equipment.
- Drinks and personal expenses
- The return trip Chamonix-Valsavarenche.
- Insurance / Assistance: research costs, first aid and emergency costs and repatriation
- Anything that is not in "the price includes" 

To be paid on site

- Drinks and personal expenses
- Rental of personal equipment if necessary -shoes, harness, crampons, ice ax and helmet


We can offer you two options (to subscribe to our insurance is mandatory to be domiciled for tax purposes in Europe): 
- Cancellation Insurance- 3% of the price of your stay: for any accident or illness, dismissal or event occurring before your departure that could prevent you from caring out with the journey
- Multi risk Insurance - 4% of the price of your stay: it takes the "cancellation" above and covers you during your stay, it covers also research and rescue costs, as well as possible hospital coast and medical expenses. 
- Rapatriation assistance -2% of the price of your stay: assistance to persons in the event of illness or injury during the trip.

If you do not wish to subscribe on our insurance, you need to return us, mandatory, the discharging insurance sent to you with your registration confirmation.If you choose some other insurance and assistance company, please be so kind to verify that a part considering “Research and rescue by helicopter” is well adapted: coverage area, amount, risks covers.For information, a minimum of 15,000€ is recommended to cover Research assistance. Cards Credit offer little or not much of desirable guarantee. 



- In the mountains you carry all your staff and your equipment in an anatomic and comfortable backpack, capacity of 40 to 50 liters. You have to carry all your staff and food (picnics). Your bag should be particularly comfortable. 

Personal equipment

- Hat Wind stopper
- Hat or cap for the Sun
- Scarf and / or around the neck
- Sun cream (high protection index) and lips stick
- Snow Goggles category 4 + goggle 
- 1 pair of gloves in fleece or wool.
- 1 pair of warm gloves
- Breathable technical underwear.
- Breathable Technical Sub-pull (carline, light fleece)…
- Fleece jacket.
- 1 windbreaker jacket and waterproof Gore-Tex
- 1 breathable technical sticky
- 1 cozy mountain pants
- 2 pairs of socks a thin pair and tough Technical equipment
- Comfortable climbing mountain shoes with crampons
- A comfortable backpack, without reinforcement, anatomic type, with a capacity of 40 to 50 liters
- An ice axe, crampons, helmet, a harness equipped with two screw carabiners (do not hire, lend or borrow carabiners, purchase is mandatory)
- A pair of telescopic canes
- A pair of gaiters
- A sheet-type for sleeping bag (there are blankets in the shelters).
- A small toiletry bag and a small towel fast drying (from specialized stores)
- A sunscreen (face and lips).
- A headlamp (LED type).
- A pocketknife.
- Toilet paper + lighter.
- Two plastic bags (100 liters) to protect the backpack from rain.
- A waterproof pouch/ carrier for your papers, money, phone, insurance / assistance contract, and all your numbers in case of emergency  

Equipment rental In Chamonix : you can rent equipment like:
- climbing mountain shoes with crampons
- Ice axe
- Cleats
- Harness
- Helmet
- Trousers
- Jacket
- Headlamp
- Backpack
- Sticks

 How to buy equipment
Technical equipment, ice ax, crampons and harness can be purchased online on the company's website SIMOND: 

- The group equipment (ropes, mousquetons) is provided.
- Slippers are available at the huts 

Practical information


Before departure, it is important to have a good physical condition, corresponding to the requirements and activities of the program. Every day activity and the regular practice of a sport with elements of endurance is mandatory for high mountain activities. This sport can be jogging, cycling, swimming or hiking. For information about the levels of difficulty for our holidays, check the "Evaluate your abilities" sight.
Thank you for informing the agency about your medical conditions and particularity concerning your health: food allergies, diabetes, heart and vascular accidents you might had have, asthma, etc...!


In the mountains, the water often flows in abundance, but it is not always drinking! Ask your guide for advice, fill your bottles with water when you came across the drinking fountains in the villages, you can always ask the local people to fill your bottles with water (still always be polite and ask them before you start using their water pipes). In all cases take with you tablets to purify water (type Aquatabs).

Individual pharmacy 

Your guide has a first aid kit. In consultation with your doctor, prepare your personal pharmacy according to your medical profile and the nature of the intended stay. Individual pharmacy:
- An analgesic (avoid aspirin).
- An anti-inflammatory drugs (tablets and gel).
- A broad-spectrum antibiotic.
- An antispasmodic, antidiarrheal, antiseptic intestinal, an anti-vomiting .
- And double skin dressings, compresses, tapes adhesive
- An antiseptic.
- Sunscreen and Biafine.
- Coated tablets to purify water (type Aquatabs).
- In addition: eye drops, tweezers, light tranquilizers and sleeping pills and / or earplugs, tonic for veins (against heavy legs)
- Personal medication.
Bottle of water is very expensive in heights and on the mountains (up to 8 euros a bottle!).

Practical information about destination


Accommodation :

Overnight are in shared bedrooms. Blankets and quilts are provided in a refuge. Bathrooms, also shared with other participants. Slippers are available at the shelter. Remember to take cloth bag for hygiene issues. 


Your trip is monitored by a mountain guide who provide you with the technical elements. The guide may need to change the program to ensure safety based on weather, mountains and other participants condition.


Your personal items and picnics for lunch (10 kg bag maximum). Your guide will help you spread things and complete your bag the first day. It’s important that your bag does not exceed 10-12 kg with water and food for the day.


- lunch – picnic
- Dinner at the cottage, traditional and hearty meals prepared by shelters keepers.
- Remember to bring sweets and dried fruits up to your taste (cereal bars, chocolate bars, dried fruits) before departure.
- Drinks are not included in the price (water, tea, coffee, beer, cola, etc ...). Take in consideration to get change or coins for the coffees, juices, coke or beer during the stops. Please to keep in mind that often shelters do not accept credit card payment.
Bottled water is not free in shelters. In some shelters there is a tab water, still we advise you to take purification pills (type Aquatabs) that will allow you to consume tap water. 

Bibliography, maps and web

- Chart of Italy N°101 au 1/25 000e 
- Gran Paradiso - La Grivola – Cogne
- The best 100 races: edition DENOEL
- Le Grand Paradis : Gian Carlo Grassi
- 4000m in the Alps Mountaineering, Richard Goedeke, FRANCK Editions

Know how ;

The mountain “know how to live” is based on respect for nature. Our mountains are fragile, therefore wwe need to respect the environment, here are some good ideas: ;
- Leave early but not too fast.
- Let's be discreet and polite. Think of others, in the serenity of the nature.
- Trash pickup in the mountains is difficult and very expensive. Nature should not keep the traces of our passing. Take your waste with you.
- Never forget to always close fences and barriers behind you. Do not degrade crops or plantations, and do not disturb livestock or domestic animals.
- Many plant species are protected and quite fragile, their picking and plucking is strictly prohibited. Often the repetition of such behavior can lead to the disappearance of species and rare flowers. Learn to recognize them.
- Observe the animals, but do not disturb. 
- Respect the layout of the trails and do not use shortcuts.
- Respect the rules of natural parks and the natural reserve. Do not light a fire in areas where there is a risk of fire.
- Let's be careful with the water streams: is it drinkable?
- Always welcome the hikers we meet or surpass.

Your appointment :

Meeting at 10 am at the agency Stages Expés in Chamonix. (unless otherwise indicated on your convocation, which remains the authentic document).
Briefing and equipment rental at the appointment.

Some ideas for the place to stay before or after the program with us :
Hôtel Les Campanules**
450 Route de Coupeau
74310 Les Houches
Tel : 04 50 54 40 71 

Gîte Tupilak
1474 Montée de Coupeau
74310 Les Houches
Tel : 04 50 54 56 66 

Chalet du Club Alpin du Tour
Chemin du Rocher Nay
Gardienne : Véronique BarbierTel : 04 50 54 04 16

How to get there:

By train :
- Trains station: Saint-Gervais-les-Bains le Fayet, then change for the train " Le Fayet - Vallorcine", stop in Chamonix " Aiguille du Midi".
Times and prices on:, or by telephone at 3635.
By road: 
A40 Highway Blanche, Cluses, Servoz, Les Houches and Chamonix.
By Plane :
- Geneva Airport and after you can take buses : Cham'Van, Alpybus, Cham'Express.